Friday, October 15, 2004

Lesson: The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Evil takes energy, as you will learn yourself if you try to put the tactics shown here to use in life. A good way to multiply the damage is to find out who your enemy's enemies are and befriend them pronto. You don't have to like them, certainly not ever trust them, just use them. Capitalize on your mutual hatred and start conquering the world.

My enemy (no, not Evie, she is merely a peon I amuse myself with), Amy, has recently become the head of a division. I can't see how, seeing how she is equally as talentless as I am, and while capability has nothing to do with success, I want to know how she has out-maced Ms. Mac.

Today I made a breakthrough in IDing her enemy. Thanks to some surrepititious listening-in of open-door conference calls, I have found her arch-nemesis. Beth. She runs a different marketing department and is fighting with Amy over who gets to finalize the pricing of a deal. I see the beginning of a beautiful and mutually-beneficial relationship....


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